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Middle Snake Field Office — Projects

Middle Snake Lewiston Orchards Project Mann Creek Project Baker Project Burnt River Project Vale Project Owyhee Project Boise Project

Middle Snake Field Office
230 Collins Road
Boise, Idaho 83702-4520
Chris Beardsley
Deputy Area Manager
(208) 383-2251

Project Dam Powerplant State
Baker Project Mason Dam   Oregon
Thief Valley Dam   Oregon
Boise Project Anderson Ranch Dam Anderson Ranch Powerplant Idaho
Arrowrock Dam   Idaho
Black Canyon Diversion Dam Black Canyon Powerplant Idaho
Boise River Diversion Dam Boise River Diversion Powerplant Idaho
Cascade Dam   Idaho
Deadwood Dam   Idaho
Deer Flat Lower Embankment   Idaho
Deer Flat Middle Embankment   Idaho
Deer Flat Upper Embankment   Idaho
Burnt River Project Unity Dam   Oregon
Lewiston Orchards Project Reservoir A Dam   Idaho
Soldiers Meadow Dam   Idaho
Mann Creek Project Mann Creek Dam   Idaho
Owyhee Project Owyhee Dam   Oregon
Vale Project Agency Valley Dam   Oregon
Bully Creek Dam   Oregon
Warm Springs Dam   Oregon

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