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Yakima River Basin Enhancement Project
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Interim Comprehensive Basin Operating Plan

The Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project (Title XII, Public Law 103-434) authorized the development of an Interim Comprehensive Basin Operating Plan.

This plan provides a general framework within which the Yakima Project Superintendent operates the Yakima Project, including measures implemented under the Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project. The document also provides several recommendations for possible implementation.

This plan was developed by the Interim Operating Plan Committee consisting of representatives from the Yakama Nation, proratable irrigation districts, non-proratable irrigation districts, Bonneville Power Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington State Department of Ecology, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, American Rivers Northwest Regional Office, and Bureau of Reclamation.

The contents of the plan reflect the general agreement of all the members of the committee who participated in its development.


11/2002 Interim Comprehensive Basin Operating Plan PDF 4.5 PDF

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