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Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project
Columbia-Cascades Area Office

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Transcript PDF 57 kb

YRBWEP 2010 Workgroup — Yakima River Basin Study

Reclamation has implemented the WaterSMART Basin Study Program to define options for future water management of Western river basins. The Yakima River basin in central Washington State was one of three proposals chosen to participate in the program. 

The study includes all or a significant portion of three counties—Kittitas, Yakima, and Benton, and a very small part of Klickitat County. Reclamation was awarded up to $1.3 million to partner with Washington State Department of Ecology, who will provide matching funds up to $1.3 million. In addition, Ecology will also cover remaining costs associated with finalizing the Preliminary Integrated Water Resource Management Plan (IWRMP), which was developed by the Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project 2009 Workgroup.

The study will build on previous efforts of the YRBWEP 2009 Workgroup to provide additional analysis of water needs as well as a more robust analysis of climate change impacts. The study team will then develop a conceptual restoration plan which will be evaluated using a multidisciplinary decision support model. Plan components will be adjusted based on model outputs in response to the sensitivity of those components to environmental and socioeconomic concerns and uncertainties.

The Basin Study and IWRMP will accomplish the following objectives:

  • Achieve stakeholder consensus around a well-defined set of strategies for resolving water supply and streamflow imbalances as well as other aquatic resource issues;
  • Delineate a clear pathway for short-term and long-term IWRMP implementation; and
  • Provide the basis for future local, State, and/or Federal authorization and appropriations for the IWRMP.


2010 Workgroup Meeting Notes and Handouts (includes subcommittees) >>

2009 Workgroup Meeting Notes and Handouts>>


YRBWEP Reports

08/2011 Addendum to the Proposed Integrated Water Resource Management Plan, Vol. 1 PDF 382 kb
04/2011 Proposed Integrated Water Resource Management Plan PDF 2.48 mb
03/2011 Final Integrated Plan Summary Support Document PDF 331 kb
03/2011 Technical Memoranda HTML
12/2009 Preliminary Integrated Water Resource Management Plan for the Yakima River Basin HTML
07/2009 YRBWEP Fact Sheet PDF 57 kb

Yakima River Basin Fish Passage, Phase I and II Fish Screen Construction Project Completion Report

PDF 745 kb
11/2002 Yakima River Basin Interim Operation Plan PDF 6.0 mb
04/1985 Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project, Phase 2, Status Report PDF 3.1 mb
02/1984 Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project, Phase 2, Draft Plan of Study PDF 5.5 mb
01/1984 Damsite and Structure Review Team Report PDF 1.8 mb
08/1982 Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project, Phase 1 Study Team Report PDF 6.0 mb
Reference Documents
07/2009 Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project Timeline PDF 183 kb
06/2009 Washington State Dept. of Ecology Final EIS HTML
03/2009 Climate Impact Group - Climate change impact on water management and irrigate agriculture in the Yakima River Basin, Washington, USA PDF 409 kb
12/2008 Yakima River Basin Water Storage Feasibility Study Planning Report/EIS HTML
09/2008 Cle Elum and Bumping Lake Dams Fish Passage Facilities Planning Report – Draft PDF 6.0 mb
08/2008 Yakima Steelhead Recovery Plan HTML
2006-08 USGS Yakima Basin Studies HTML
09/2007 Detailed Implementation Plan PDF 3.71 mb
01/2003 Watershed Management Plan PDF 18.36 mb
05/1999 System Operation Advisory Committee (SOAC) Report on Biologically Based Flows for the Yakima River Basin PDF 2.3 mb
06/1989 Appraisal Assessment of Tributary Storage Potentials - Kittitas Valley, Washington PDF 8.3 mb
1979-84 YRBWEP Authorization Documents HTML
03/1984 Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Study - Preliminary Report for Swauk Creek Dam, Lake Cle Elum Tunnel & Lake Cle Elum Pumping Plant

PDF 2.8 mb

05/1978 Yakima River Reregulating Storage - Feasibility Study PDF 10.8 mb
05/1978 Yakima River Reregulating Storage - Appendix A-E PDF 4.3mb
04/2010 Response to Benton County Commissioner PDF 115 kb
03/2010 YSBA - Instream Needs PDF 329 kb
03/2010 Benton County Board of County Commissioners PDF 328 kb
05/2010 Benton County Final Report Comments PDF 1.15 mb
07/2010 Benton County Final Report Response PDF 327 kb
Letters of Support for the Basin Study
The following are letters of support for a Yakima River Basin Study from basin stakeholders. These letters were submitted to Reclamation's WaterSMART Application Review Committee as part of the basin study proposal selection criteria.
06/2009 Yakima - Tieton Irrigation District PDF 11 kb
06/2009 Yakima River Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board PDF 52 kb
06/2009 Kittitas Reclamation District PDF 10 kb
06/2009 Kennewick Irrigation District PDF 105 kb
06/2009 Fish and Wildlife Service Mid-Columbia River Fishery Resource Office PDF 32 kb
06/2009 City of Yakima Water and Irrigation District PDF 28 kb
06/2009 Sunnyside Division Board of Control PDF 124 kb
06/2009 American Rivers Office of Columbia River PDF 34 kb

Washington State Department of Ecology

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