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Odessa Subarea Special Study

The Odessa Subarea Special Study is investigating the possibility of continued phased development of the Columbia Basin Project to deliver surface water from the Project to lands currently using groundwater in the Odessa Subarea. The aquifer in the Odessa Subarea is declining to such an extent that the ability of farmers to irrigate their crops is at risk. Domestic, commercial, municipal, and industrial uses and water quality are also affected. In response to the State of Washington’s and the public’s concern about the declining aquifer and associated socioeconomic effects, Congress has authorized funding for Reclamation to investigate the problem. The State of Washington, represented by the Department of Ecology, with the Bureau of Reclamation, are co-leads and cost-share partners in the Odessa Subarea Special Study. The co-leads jointly prepared and released to the public a Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on August 31, 2012, in compliance with both National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) requirements. Alternative 4A, Modified Partial Groundwater Replacement Alternative - Banks, has been selected as the Preferred Alternative in the Final EIS.

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Final Environmental Impact Statement & Related Documents>>

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Study Updates
07/2012 Study Update PDF 30 kb
09/2011 Study Update PDF 31kb
11/2010 Study Update PDF 33 kb
12/2009 Study Update PDF 46 kb
04/2009 Study Update PDF 34 kb
11/2008 Study Update PDF 27 kb
08/2008 Study Update PDF 68 kb
04/2008 Study Update PDF 32 kb
02/2008 Study Update PDF 109 kb
11/2007 Study Update PDF 49 kb
10/2007 Study Update PDF 841 kb
09/2006 Study Update PDF 1 mb
04/2006 Study Update PDF 98 kb
News Releases
08/31/12 Reclamation and Ecology Release Odessa Subarea Special Study Final EIS HTML
10/26/10 Reclamation and Ecology to Release Odessa Subarea Special Study Draft Environmental Impact Statement HTML
09/02/08 Reclamation and Ecology Host Public Meetings for Odessa Subarea Special Study HTML
04/01/08 Reclamation Releases Report Summarizing Odessa Subarea Special Study Findings HTML
10/15/07 Reclamation to Hold Public Meetings to Discuss the Odessa Subarea Special Study HTML
09/29/06 Reclamation Identifies Water Delivery Alternatives within the Odessa Subarea HTML
02/03/06 Reclamation to Hold Open House for the Odessa Subarea Special Study HTML
09/2013 AMENDED Record of Decision for the Odessa Subarea Special Study Final Environmental Impact Statement PDF 2.38 mb
02/2013 Record of Decision for the Odessa Subarea Special Study Final Environmental Impact Statement PDF 583 kb
01/2013 Endangered Species Act Biological Opinion and Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act Essential Fish Habitat Consultation Prepared by National Marine Fisheries Service Regarding Bureau of Reclamation's Odessa Subarea Modified Partial Groundwater Replacement Project on the Columbia River in Adams, Lincoln, Franklin and Grant Counties, Washington PDF 4.45 mb
10/2012 Biological Assessment of Effects to Species & Critical Habitat for 13 Anadromous Salmon ESUs, Pacific Eulachon, Green Sturgeon, & Killer Whales in the Columbia Basin from Implementation of the Modified Partial Groundwater Irrigation Replacement Alternative (Alternative 4A) PDF 7.74 mb
08/2012 Odessa Subarea Special Study Final EIS Vol 1 PDF 31.81 mb
08/2012 Odessa Subarea Special Study Final EIS Vol 2 PDF 37.45 mb
08/2012 Final Feasibility-Level Engineering Report This document does not include the drawings. If you would like a CD of the drawings please email odessa@usbr.gov PDF 5.63 mb
10/2010 Draft Environmental Impact Statement & Related Documents HTML
11/2008 Scoping Summary Report PDF 4.1 mb
04/2008 Appraisal-Level Investigation Summary of Findings PDF 10.72 mb
09/2006 Initial Alternative Development & Evaluation PDF 1.9 mb
02/2006 Plan of Study PDF 883 kb
Meetings and Related Materials
09/10-11/08 Meeting Agendas PDF 70 kb
  PowerPoint Presentation PDF 281 kb

Alternative Components Map

PDF 3.28 mb

Environmental Compliance Handouts

PDF 60 kb
  Economic Analysis Handouts PDF 112 kb
  Comment Form
PDF 29 kb


10/23/2007 Comment Form PDF 74 kb
  Appraisal Investigation Presentation PDF 2.3 mb
  Groundwater Conditions Presentation PDF 6.3 mb
  Meeting Notice 10/23/2007 PDF 28 kb
  Agenda: 1:00 p.m. Meeting PDF 26 kb
  Agenda: 6:00 p.m. Meeting PDF 26 kb
02/22/2006 Open House  
  Handouts PDF 324 kb
  Overview PDF 264 kb
  Economic Study PDF 166 kb

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