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Mount Hood, photo courtesy of National Park Service.

Hood River Basin Study

The Bureau of Reclamation and Hood River County, in collaboration with multiple stakeholders are conducting a study on water resources in the Hood River Basin to develop alternatives to better understand water supply, demand, and ecological resource related conditions in the basin.

The study area from the confluence of Hood River with the Columbia River and includes the East, West, and Middle Fork rivers. Because of the contribution of water supply that the Mount Hood glacier provides to the basin, the climate change analysis conducted for the Hood River Basin Study includes a determination of the impacts of increasing temperatures on the Mount Hood glacier extent and volume. The study will identify opportunities for development of water supplies (i.e., above-ground storage, aquifer storage) and improvement of water management (i.e., conservation measures, optimization of resources) while sustaining environmental quality. Alternatives will be developed in partnership with Hood River County and evaluated as part of the Study.

The analysis of water supply and storage will involve identification and evaluation of watershed hydrology, potential onstream and offstream storage sites. The focus will be on the availability, characterization, and quantification of the natural hydrology of the basin, including:
  • seasonal volume of runoff and stored water available;
  • surface water/groundwater interactions;
  • irrigated agricultural areas;
  • instream and offstream water uses;
  • irrigation water distribution facilities and their operation
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Hood River Study Documents  
05/2014 DRAFT Hood River Basin Study: Water Resource Management Model Technical Memorandum HTML
05/2014 Hood River Basin Study: Surface Water Modeling Technical Memorandum PDF 1.24 mb
05/2014 DRAFT Hood River Basin Study: Final Report HTML
02/2014 Hood River Basin Study: Groundwater Modeling and Analysis Technical Memorandum HTML
02/2014 Hood River Basin Study: Climate Change Analysis Technical Memorandum HTML
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Study Manager
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