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Henrys Fork Basin Study

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Meeting Notes and Handouts

02/12/2013 Meeting Presentation PDF 1.04 mb
09/11/2012 Meeting Presentation PDF 6.20 mb
05/08/2012 Meeting Summary PDF 104 kb
  Henrys Fork Basin Study Workgroup Meeting PDF 2.87 mb
  Workgroup Meeting DSS (Decision Support System) Progress/Overview PDF 250 kb
04/10/2012 Meeting Summary PDF 67 kb
  Meeting Presentation PDF 1.32 mb
02/14/2012 Meeting Presentation PDF 1.16 mb
01/10/2012 Meeting Presentation PDF 121 kb
10/25/2011 Meeting Presentation PDF 502 kb
06/24/2011 Meeting Summary PDF 97 kb
  Project Status PDF 59 kb
05/19/2011 Meeting Summary PDF 55kb
  Interim Meeting Summary #1 PDF 48 kb
  Interim Meeting Summary #2 PDF 47 kb
05/05/2011 Henrys Fork Basin Study Meeting Summary and Alternatives PDF 156 kb
04/19/2011 Irrigation Water Conservation in Henrys Fork PDF 389 kb
  Fremont Madison Irrigation District Recharge Experience PDF 224 kb
  Idaho NRCS -Projects and Programs for Water Conservation and Optimization PDF 395 kb
  IDWR Water District 01Incidental Recharge PDF 388 kb
  Narrative for Attribute Information Summary Tables PDF 41 kb
  Attribute Information Summary Tables PDF 137 kb
  Sensitivity Analysis Table E Ranking PDF 106 kb
  Process Flow Diagram PDF 153 kb
  DRAFT Henrys Fork Watershed Basin Study Water Needs Assessment PDF 1019 kb
  Meeting Summary and Attachments PDF 607 kb
02/15/2011 Meeting Summary and Attachments PDF 3.4 mb
  Water Markets Presentation PDF 497 kb
  Eastern Snake Plain Managed Aquifer Recharge Program PDF 1.86 mb
  The Board's Water Supply Bank PDF 872 kb
01/11/2011 Meeting Summary PDF 70 kb
  Water Storage Presentation PDF 1.23 mb
  Conservation of Surface and Ground Water PDF 2.74 mb
01/10/2011 Henrys Fork Technical Modeling Conference: Meeting Notes PDF 25 kb
11/16/2010 Meeting Summary PDF 55 kb
  Flip Chart Notes PDF 775 kb
  PowerPoint Presentation PDF 701 kb
  Goals and Objectives PDF 38 kb
  Meeting Agenda PDF 48 kb
  Materials for Workgroup Meeting 4 PDF 99 kb
  November Meeting Notice PDF 48 kb
  Participation Workgroup Letter PDF 64 kb
10/25/2010 Workgroup Meeting 3 Summary C PDF 47 kb
10/19/2010 Powerpoint Presentation PDF 282 kb
08/19/2010 Powerpoint Presentation PDF 112 kb
06/15/2010 Email to Attendees PDF 380 kb
  Meeting Notes PDF 21 kb
  Powerpoint Presentation PDF 136 kb


Ryan Newman
Natural Resource Specialist
(208) 678-0461 ext. 17

Bureau of Reclamation
Upper Snake Field Office
Attention: SRA-1207 (Newman)
470 22nd Street
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