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Yakima River Basin Water Storage Feasibility Study
Columbia-Cascades Area Office

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Study Activities and Timeline

Basic data and information generally common to storage alternatives will be collected, compiled, and analyzed. This includes: the identification of water supply needs for agriculture,fisheries, and municipal purposes; a determination of the current shortage of water supply to meet these needs; and the availability of water for additional use from the Yakima and Columbia Rivers.

The Storage Study will proceed into the plan formulation process. Potential plan elements for consideration in "future without project"and "future with project" scenarios will be identified in this phase and alternative plans will be formulated, evaluated, and compared. The four storage options to be evaluated, analyzed, and compared against the "future without project" are Black Rock Dam and Reservoir, Bumping Lake Enlargement, Wymer Dam and Reservoir, and Keechelus to Kachess Reservoirs Pipeline. The "future without project" will mainly include water conservation elements. This will identify the extent of water supply needs met if additional storage were not to be developed.

Bumping Lake Enlargement, Wymer Dam and Reservoir, and Keechelus to Kachess Reservoirs Pipeline were identified as alternatives within the Yakima River basin in previous studies.

Viable alternative plan(s) will be selected to carry forward for further analysis into the more detailed feasibility phase. The alternative plan(s) analyzed at the more detailed feasibility level will be included in the Feasibility Report/Environmental Impact Statement. Completion is projected for the fall of 2008.


Target Date

Target Date
Phase 1. Plan of Study and priority work activities
April 2003

September 2003

Phase 2. Pre-plan formulation (Define and quantify needs and deficiencies and issue interim report)
July 2003
June 2005
Phase 3. Plan formulation and the development of plan alternatives.
April 2004
June 2006
Phase 4. Feasibility analysis and NEPA analysis. Includes development of proposed action.
April 2006
June 2008


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