Yakima River Basin Water Storage Feasibility Study

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Plan of Study

Sunnyside CanalThe Yakima River Basin Water Storage Feasibility Study will examine the feasibility and acceptability of storage augmentation in the Yakima River basin. The benefits of additional storage are identified for fish, irrigation, and future municipal water supply. Two considerations will be studied:

  1. diversion of Columbia River water to the proposed Black Rock project to be used as an "exchange supply" for irrigation entities in the lower Yakima basin, and
  2. creation of additional storage within the Yakima River basin.

The Storage Study objectives will be to improve Yakima Project flow management operations to move the basin flow regime towards a normative condition for fisheries, provide a more reliable water supply for existing proratable water users, and provide additional water supply for future municipal demands.

09/2003 Entire Report PDF 1.6 mb
  Phase 1 Matrix PDF 29 kb
  Phase 2 Matrix PDF 55 kb
  Phase 3 Matrix PDF 45 kb
  Phase 4 Matrix PDF 25 kb
  Yakima River Basin Map PDF 689 kb


Wendy Christensen
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Bureau of Reclamation
Pacific Northwest Region
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