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Teton River Canyon Resource Management Plan


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Photo 1 – Panorama of the Teton Dam site and downstream reach of the river.

Photo 2 – Aerial view of the Teton Dam site, spillway and surrounding area.

Photo 3 – Area upstream of the dam site is characterized by large ponds and slow-moving water.

Photo 4 – Area of the river several miles upstream from the dam showing characteristics of a free-flowing river.

Photo 5 – Teton River and its distinct canyon walls.

hoto 6 – Getting ready for a day of kayaking on the river.

Photo 7 – One of the more technically challenging rapids.

hoto 8 – Pool below Linderman Dam, a small decommissioned impoundment on the Teton River

Photo 9 – Bald Eagle stands sentinel on a ledge in the Teton River Canyon

Photo 10 – Bald Eagle within the canyon.

Last Update: February 23, 2011 10:35 AM