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Potholes Reservoir Resource Management Plan

The Bureau of Reclamation’s Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), completed December 2001, analyzes the potential impacts of four alternative management plans for the land and resources in the Potholes Reservoir Study area.

The Preferred Alternative was modified from that in the Draft EIS to incorporate changes resulting from public comments. The major change was to leave a portion of the Yellow Zone open to seasonal Off-Road Vehicle use, instead of closing the entire Yellow Zone to such use year-round.

The Final EIS includes all comment letters received on the Draft EIS and Reclamation’s responses to those comments, as well as a summary of the comments from the public hearings.

08/2002 Potholes Reservoir Resource Management Plan PDF 7.74 mb


Potholes Reservoir ROD and Final Environmental Impact Statement PDF 9.43 mb

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