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Minidoka North Side Resource Management Plan: Images

A topographic depression in an otherwise flat landscape provides an opportunity to enhance wetland habitat.
Lake Walcott boat ramp
Reclamation waterway and surrounding lands; also popular for unauthorized shooting and off road vehicle use.
Lake Walcott State Park and Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge boating rules
The Record Tree - largest eastern cottonwood in the United States. Photo taken 6/13/02.

The Record Tree - after splitting 3 ways and falling on 8/16/02.

Minidoka Dam and new powerhouse
Camp Hawley Parcel (No. 924-3-w)
Aerial of Minidoka Dam and facilities, State Park and Lake Walcott.
A Reclamation parcel along the Snake River
Waterfowl take flight off an enhanced wetland.
Lake Walcott State Park day use area.
Historic photo of Minidoka Dam
Historic photo of the old powerhouse
A view of Lake Walcott from the State Park
Sun sets over one of the wetland ponds