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Black Canyon Reservoir & Montour Wildlife Management Area
Resource Management Plan

Black Canyon Reservoir Resource Management Plan

Panoramic photo of the entrance to Black Canyon Park

Entrance to Black Canyon Park.
photo of a foggy wetlands sceen in the Montour WRA
The Planning Team during a mid-winter
tour of the reservoir.
Black Canyon Reservoir Winter Scene.
Photo showing the base of Black Canyon Dam at low flows
Photo of the historical information sign at Black Canyon Dam
Black Canyon Dam. Historical Information provided at
Black Canyon Dam.
Photo of AHWG members discussing issues during the August 8, 2002 meeting
Photo of AHWG members gathered around patch of noxious and invasive weeds
Discussions at the August 8, 2002
AHWG meeting.
AHWG member discussions at
Montour WMA
Out-the-window photo of red tourist train curving through sage brushland
Photo through trees of recreationists enjoying picnicing and swimming
Tour by rail (Thunder Mountain Line)
adjacent to Black Canyon Reservoir.
Typical recreation amenities at
Black Canyon Park.
Photo of watchful raptor sitting on telephone pole
Photo of waterskiier with arid hills in distance
Wildlife in the WMA (watchful raptor). Waterskiing near the dam.
Photo of information kiosk for USBOR Cobblestone Park
Photo of free floating day use dock
Information kiosk at Cobblestone Park. Waiting for the rest of her group on one
of the reservoir day use rafts.
wide angle photo of green water's edge park with sage brown mountains in distance
Panorama of Black Canyon Park.
photo of bicyclists riding away from viewer on neatly trimmed park trails
Bicyclists take to the road after a break
at Wild Rose Park.
Black Canyon Park boat ramp and adjacent
swimming area.
Photo of interpretive sign
Photo looking back on AHWG touring WMA in open train car
Interpretive sign showing coordinated
weed control efforts.
A Thunder Mountain Railroad tour ends the
field visit for the AHWG
Panorama of Montour Wildlife Management Area.
Photo through cattails of man made wetland area
Full on photo of pooled water in man made wetlands area
Reclamation/IDFG constructed
wetlands in the WMA.
Reclamation/IDFG constructed
wetlands in the WMA.

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