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Minidoka Dam Spillway & Headworks Replacement Project

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Minidoka Spillway Takes Shape

Construction crews at Minidoka Dam have worked tirelessly since mid-May 2013 to complete and make operational the replacement of the South-Side Canal (Burley Irrigation District) Headworks, excavation and construction of a twelve steel-gated concrete South Gated Spillway, and the placing of concrete transitions near the Inman Power Plant and against the existing North Gated Spillway. In the next year the contactor (Record Steel and Construction, Inc., of Meridian, Idaho), plans on completing excavation in the South Gated Spillway channel, complete and make operational the replacement of the North-Side Canal (Minidoka Irrigation District) Headworks, and the construction of a 1,500 foot long Roller Compacted Concrete overflow crest spillway.

In November 2011, the $21.3 million replacement spillway construction project began. The century-old Minidoka Dam suffers from concrete deterioration on the spillway and both irrigation headworks structures.

To date approximately 40,500 cubic yards of foundation excavation has been made, and 17,564 cubic yards of structural and mass concrete has been placed. The mass concrete uses a special mixture to keep the heat down during the curing process. In the next phase of work, a Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) mixture will be utilized for construction of the overflow crest spillway. RCC is a special type of low moisture concrete which can be consolidated using a smooth-drum paving roller.

Completion of the overflow crest spillway is estimated by the end of August 2014. It’s the last phase of a four year construction schedule that’s been carefully planned to accommodate irrigation deliveries and flood control operations at the dam.

Minidoka Dam is a combined diversion, storage, and power structure located on the Snake River east of Burley, Idaho. Water diverted from the dam irrigates over 120,000 acres of farmland.

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