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Yankee Fork Tributary Assessment


Yankee Fork Tributary Assessment Final Report Without Appendices

PDF 5.78 mb
  Appendix A: GIS Data Documentation PDF 50 kb

Appendix B: Water Quality

PDF 966 kb
  Appendix C: Geology PDF 631 kb
  Appendix D: Cultural Resources PDF 541 kb
  Appendix E: Historical PDF 1.97 mb
  Appendix F: Hydrology PDF 1.96 mb
  Appendix G: Geomorphology PDF 6.74 mb
  Appendix H: Biology PDF 947 kb
  Appendix I: Supplementation and Habitat Enhancement Programs PDF 899 kb
  Appendix J: Surface Water Temperature Profile PDF 777 kb
  Appendix K: Yankee Fork Stream Survey PDF 26.50 mb
  Appendix L: Jordan Creek Stream Survey PDF 14.56 mb
  Appendix M: Hydraulics PDF 3.54 mb
  Map Atlas PDF 43.33 mb
Yankee Fork Rehabilitation Project
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