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FCRPS: Tributary Habitat Program: Oregon Subbasins

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Other Documents

General Documents

05/2008 Middle Fork and Upper Fork John Day River Tributary Assessments PDF 15.57 mb
06/2008 Upper John Day River Map Atlas PDF 2.59 mb
06/2008 Middle Fork Map Atlas PDF 22.18 mb
11/2006 LIDAR Remote Sensing Data Collection PDF 8.6 mb
05/2003 Programmatic EA and FONSI for Implementing Fish Habitat Improvement Measures in Three John Day Subbasins PDF 6.85 mb

Middle Fork John Day

08/2010 Forrest Conservation Area Reach Assessment Middle Fork John Day River PDF 11.9 mb
03/2010 Oxbow Conservation Area Reach Assessment Middle Fork John Day River PDF 10.42 mb
06/2009 Geomorphology and Hydraulic Model Analysis of the Oxbow Conservation Area PDF 20.24 mb

Rock Removal and Large Woody Debris Installation - Beaver to Ragged
Specifications and Drawings

PDF 3.57 mb

2006 PHABSIM Report Flow Characterization Study: Instream Flow Assessment Selected Stream Segments-John Day and Middle Fork John Day River Subbasins, Oregon

PDF 5.50 mb
12/2005 Extension of Natural Flow Data in the Upper John Day River Basin PDF 2.52 mb
Upper Mainstem John Day
05/2006 Transmittal Letter & As-Built Drawings: Harlan & Gillespie Pump Stations PDF 1.83 mb

Transmittal Letter & As-Built Drawings: Patterson, Cummings Ditch, Gregg, Holliday & Raymond Diversions

PDF 3.40 mb
Grande Ronde River Basin
12/2012 Catherine Creek Reach Assessment PDF 13.14 mb
02/2012 Biological Assessment, Catherine Creek RM 37 Stream and Fish Habitat Restoration Project PDF 38 mb
02/2012 Catherine Creek Tributary Assessment HTML
04/2011 Biological Assessment, Little Creek Diversion No. 1 Fish Passage Project PDF 6 mb

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