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Annual PNRO Classroom Dam Operator Training

The Pacific Northwest Regional Office Annual Classroom Dam Operator Training is normally conducted in late November or early December each year.  Reclamation's Directives and Standards for the Operating Practices and Procedures for High-and Significant-Hazard Dams (FAC 02-01), finalized on March 31, 2005, mandates that all primary and alternate dam operators responsible for the operations and maintenance of high-and significant-hazard dams within Reclamation's jurisdiction attend Classroom Dam Operator Training every 3 years. The Directives and Standards further mandate that the primary dam operator and at least one alternate dam operator participate in on-site dam operator review (on-site review) for the dam(s) which they are assigned every 6 years. As part of the on-site review, completion of a proficiency review form, which is included in the Directives and Standards, is required and is based on Classroom Dam Operator Training attendance and a demonstration of knowledge of operations and maintenance regarding the dam(s) during the on-site review.

Previous Schedule:

2010 - Boise, Idaho
2011 - Kennewick, Washington
2012 - Medford, Oregon

Future Schedule:

2013 - Idaho Falls, Idaho
2014 - Yakima,  Washington
2015 - Bend, Oregon
2016 - Boise, Idaho


The 2013 PN Region Classroom Dam Operator Training will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 10 and 11, in Idaho Falls at the Residence Inn by Marriott.  Please see the attached map for the address and directions.

Training Schedule:

  • 7:00  a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 10
  • 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 11
  • Please note that only food supplied by the hotel is allowed in the conference room.  If you bring your lunch, you can eat it in the hotel restaurant seating area, outside of the conference room.

Overall Registration Deadlines for 2013 CDOT:

  • Individual Hotel Lodging Registration: November 20th
  • Individual Dam Operator Training Registration:  November 30

List of Classes:  We are still confirming our speakers and the change in presentations from previous years.  While much of the subject matters have been presented before, this year we are bringing on a variety of new speakers with updated new information. This year’s Dam Operator Training will include presentations regarding:

  • Safety and Hazardous Materials
  • Security & Emergency Action Plans/Incident Command System
  • Recognizing & Reporting Surveillance Activities / Terrorism Trends
  • Lessons from Dam Failures / Performance Monitoring & Failure Modes
  • Monitoring and Instrumentation
  • Dam Inspection / Testing & Maintenance of Mechanical Equipment
  • Standard Operating Procedures & Record Keeping

Cost:  There is a $20 registration fee for Classroom Dam Operator Training. In the past, Reclamation was able to refund the registration fee if the registrant was unable to attend.  Due to the expense involved with issuing refunds, Reclamation will no longer be able to refund the registration fee.  However, student substitutions will be accepted.  One RSVP per registrant, but payment may be combined.

REGISTRATION:  See the RSVP Instructions for Registration and Payment form below; follow instructions found there.  Please be sure to update Reclamation with any student substitutions.

Please complete one registration form for each person attending the training, and submit payment as indicated to the address on the RSVP form. (Payment may be combined for more than one attendee)


DOI Learn (If applicable): Class is titled, and will be found under:  BOR CLASSROOM DAM OPERATOR TRAINING.

LODGING: Each participant is responsible for making their hotel reservations. The current Perdiem rate for lodging for this location is the government perdiem rate of $84.00.  A block of hotel sleeping rooms are reserved for the training under the name “Dam Operator Training” for the nights of December 9 through 12, 2013, at the Fairfield Inn, Marriott (Idaho Falls, ID).

NOTE: The Residence Inn block of rooms has quickly filled, The Fairfield Inn Marriott is about a block away and has made accommodations for others attending this training.  Please follow the instructions below to quickly reserve your room at the Fairfield Inn. 

  • Make reservations for each participant NO LATER THAN Wednesday, November 20, 2013. Rooms after this date may be available at the same location, but the government rate may not be available. Rooms are limited so make your reservation ASAP.
  • BY PHONE: Hotel reservations can be made by phone by calling the hotel directly at 208-552-7378. Please identify yourself as being part of the “Dam Operator Training” when making reservations.
  • ONLINE RESERVATIONS: Can be made, by following this new link: Book your group rate: DAM Operators Training >>.

Lodging Reservation Deadline: before Wednesday, November 20, 2012


For more information regarding Classroom Dam Operating Training, please contact Suzanne Marinelli at the information provided below.
Reference Documents  
Directive and Standard for the Operating Practices and Procedures for High-and-Significant-Hazard-Dams (FAC 0201) PDF 73 kb
Dam Operator Training Contact

Suzanne Marinelli, MEP
Facilities O&M
(208) 378-5204

Bureau of Reclamation 
Pacific Northwest Region 
1150 Curtis Road, Suite 100
Boise, ID 83706 


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