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The Pacific Northwest Regional Office Annual Classroom Dam Operator Training is normally conducted in late November or early December each year. Reclamation's Directives and Standards for the Operating Practices and Procedures for High-and Significant-Hazard Dams Temporary Release FAC TRMR-66 (replacing FAC 02-01), mandates that all primary and alternate dam operators responsible for the operations and maintenance of high-and significant-hazard dams within Reclamation's jurisdiction attend Classroom Dam Operator Training every 4 years. (this is a recent change from the 3 year training rotation. The Pacific Northwest Regional Office will be maintaining the same schedule and travel cycle between Idaho, Oregon and Washington every three years).

The Directives and Standards further mandate that the primary dam operator and at least one alternate dam operator participate in on-site dam operator review (on-site review) for the dam(s) which they are assigned every 8 years. As part of the on-site review, completion of a proficiency review form, which is included in the Directives and Standards, is required and is based on Classroom Dam Operator Training attendance and a demonstration of knowledge of operations and maintenance regarding the dam(s) during the on-site review.

Future Schedule: Classroom Dam Operator Training is held annually during the off-water season, traditionally the first week of December

Dec 2015 Bend Oregon (FY2016) Information for December 2015 class >>
Dec 2016 Boise, Idaho (FY2017)
Dec 2017 Tri-Cities, WA (FY2018)
Dec 2018 Medford, OR (FY2019)

Content of Classroom Training
We are still confirming our instructors and the change in presentations from previous years. While much of the subject matters have been presented before, this year we are bringing on a variety of new speakers with updated new information.

D&S indicates that at a minimum classroom training will cover:

  • Purposes of Reclamation Projects (how dams interrelate)
  • Design and Construction of Safe Dams
  • Awareness of dam failures, incidents, and risks from natural or man-made hazards
  • Instrumentation (purposes, types, locations, readings and maintenance requirements)
  • Dam tender/operator duties and responsibilities, including general safety and security awareness and procedures
  • Emergency Management / Emergency Action Plans / Incident Command System
  • Documentation (operating and reference)
  • Standing Operating Procedures
  • Reference material and supporting documentation
  • Hydrology and reservoir operations

Cost / Lodging / Registration

Dam Operator Training is being held in Bend Oregon at the Mount Bachelor Village Resort at the government per diem rate of $104 (note: typically rates rise in October so they may be higher than this at registration).

Register with the Resort before October 31st (EARLY THIS YEAR) to ensure lodging for your stay.

Contact the hotel directly at (877) 394-8966 and reference group code 29 88 38 to make reservations. Ask about the options for people traveling in groups.

Reference Documents
Directives and Standards for the Operating Practices and Procedures for High-and-Significant-Hazard-Dams (FAC TRMR-66) PDF 73 kb

Classroom Dam Operator Training Coordinator
Suzanne Marinelli, MEP
Emergency Management Program Coordinator
Facilities O&M
(208) 378-5204

Bureau of Reclamation
Pacific Northwest Region
1150 Curtis Road, Suite 100
Boise, ID 83706

Last Updated: 6/21/16