Rogue River Basin Project Biological Assessment

With NOAA Fisheries’ final opinion, the expert agency in charge of salmon recovery approved a shared vision that benefits fish, farms, and communities. With this opinion in place, Reclamation can now open a new chapter for the Rogue project: one where conditions for fish will be better than they have been for almost 100 years, farmers will continue to have the water they need to help Southern Oregon’s Economy thrive, and the Ashland and Medford communities will have a healthier Bear Creek watershed. This is the sort of thoughtful and balanced solution that results when agencies stay dedicated to science, and committed to collaboration.

04/2012 Endangered Species Act Biological Opinion and Manuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act Essential Fish Habitat Response for the Future Operation & Maintenance of the Rogue River Basin Project-NOAA PDF 1.15 mb
03/2012 Biological Assessment on the Future Operation and Maintenance of the Rogue River Basin Project and Effects on Essential Fish Habitat Under the Magnuson-Stevens Act PDF 18.44 mb


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