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A&B Irrigation District - Unit A Pumping Plant #2
Environmental Assessment

The Bureau of Reclamation has finished the public review and comment process for the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) addressing the proposed A&B Irrigation District Pumping Plant #2 project. The draft EA was issued for a 30 day public review and comment period in early May 2014. A public open house was also held in Burley in mid-May to provide an opportunity for constituents to discuss the project directly with agency representatives.

As a result of the written public input received during the EA review period, including that received as a result of interaction at the open house, Reclamation and the Irrigation District are considering changing the preferred location for the proposed pumping plant and resultant alignment of the pipeline from Alternative 2, as portrayed in the draft EA, to one of the other alternatives identified in the document. The extended amount of time being taken between the draft EA process and issuance of a Final EA and decision document is due to the additional technical study being done to validate final selection of a preferred alternative in light of public input received on the draft EA.

The Final EA and a decision document are planned for issuance in mid-December 2014. The final documents will be posted on this website as well as being mailed to all of those who requested copies of the draft EA during its processing.

The A&B Irrigation District (ABID), located near Rupert, Idaho, is part of Reclamation’s Minidoka Project, North Side Pumping Division. ABID serves approximately 77,000 acres of irrigated land and is split into two major irrigated areas – Units A&B.

Over the past several decades, Unit B groundwater wells have steadily declined. To address this, plans were developed to install a pumping plant and associated distribution pipelines to both provide supplemental water to lands with failing groundwater in Unit B and eliminate delivery constraints in the original Unit A configuration.

Approximately 62,000 acres (Unit B) are irrigated by pumping ground water from deep wells from the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer, and approximately 15,000 acres (Unit A) are irrigated by pumping surface water from the Snake River.

Questions may be sent to jpetrovsky@usbr.gov or by mail to the Bureau of Reclamation, Attn: John Petrovsky at 230 Collins Rd., Boise, ID or by phone at (208) 383-2224.



04/2014 A&B Irrigation District - Unit A Pumping Plant #2 Draft Environmental Assessment

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Bureau of Reclamation
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