Black Canyon Dam Third Hydroelectric Generating Unit Project

Black Canyon DamReclamation has completed a design for a proposed third hydroelectric generating unit at Black Canyon Diversion Dam. Before proceeding with construction, the project is undergoing a comprehensive economic analysis and environmental assessment.

The proposed 12.5 MW hydroelectric unit will expand the generating capacity at the facility by 105 million kilowatt-hours (enough to provide power to 9,359 homes each year). The power produced will be integrated into the power grid to serve 10 irrigation districts in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon, as well as the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.

The proposed additional generating unit will take advantage of water that would typically go over the dam and turn it into hydroelectric power. It will also provide operational flexibility when one of the existing units is shut down for maintenance.

The majority of the project will be funded by Bonneville Power Administration, which markets hydroelectric power generated at Reclamation facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

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News Releases
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