26-MAR-2015  07:06:22    US BUREAU OF RECLAMATION
                                    YAKIMA PROJECT
                                SYSTEM STATUS AT 06:00

                  FOREBAY                TOTAL     PERCENT   RESERVOIR RESERVOIR
                                  AF          AF         %         CFS       CFS

      Keechelus   2517.22    158332.     157800.       100.       619.      487.
      Kachess     2261.42    236350.     239000.        99.       497.       43.
      Cle Elum    2238.41    429327.     436900.        98.      1103.      262.
      Bumping     3426.27     34061.      33970.       100.       350.      363.
      Rimrock     2926.00    198000.     198000.       100.       581.      556.
      Clear Creek 3011.49
      TOTALS                1056070.    1065400.        99.      3308.     1711.

      ---------------------    CFS             -----------                  CFS

      Kittitas                  0.             Yakima River at Easton       683.
      Roza                    553.             Yakima River at Cle Elum    1080.*
      Yakima-Tieton            12.             Teanaway River at Forks      357.
      Wapato                  261.             Yakima River near Horlick   1486.
      Sunnyside               337.             Yakima River near Umtanum   1920.
      MAJOR USERS TOTAL      1162.             Yakima River blw Roza Dam   1320.
                                               Naches River nr. Clf'Dell   1213.
      Westside                  0.             Tieton Rvr near Cnl Hdwks    640.
      Naches-Selah              0.             Naches River near Naches    1896.*
      OTHERS ABOVE PARKER     275.             Yakima River near Parker    2883.
                                               Yakima River near Prosser   2037.
      TOTAL ABOVE PARKER     1437.             * = estimated value
      Kennewick                 0.

      Wapatox                   0.
      Roza                    570.* no generation, gate tucked, 2.5 panels down
      Chandler               1420. 100% generation


      OPERATIONAL COMMENTS: Storage is 163.3% of average (1981-2010)
      Inflow to the five reservoirs is 131% and releases from the five are 194%
      of average. 
      Unregulated flow for the Yakima River nr. Parker is 93% and observed flow 
      is 87% of average. 
      Precipitation at the five reservoirs for the month of March to date is 15.01
      inches, or 72.2% of the month's average. 
      Precipitation for the period October 1st - March 25th is 167.0 inches, or 
      93.7% of average. 
      NRCS Snotel sites for the upper Yakima basin are reporting 11% (no Sassie Ridge)
      and lower basin sites are reporting 32% of average. Data may not provide a valid 
      representation of conditions. Click on the link below to view the complete 
      daily report. 
      Cloudy to partly sunny skies in the mountain passes today. Freezing level rising
      to 10,000 feet with afternoon pass temperatures around 60. Friday, clouds increasing
      with rain likely late afternoon and Friday night. 
      Mostly sunny in the valley today with highs around 70. Tonight, partly cloudy and 
      46. Friday, sunny and 72. 
      No Irrigation diversion changes are scheduled today. 
      Keechelus out flow is being increased to lower lake a bit. Rimrock and Bumping 
      out flows will continue to be adjusted to maintain full lakes. Lake Easton will start
      re-filling to operational levels next week. Clear Creek Lake out flow will increase 
      a bit to lower lake levels a little. 
      For further information contact the River Operator at 509-575-5848, ext: 219, or 
      click on the link below to visit our homepage. 
      Only water users with valid March water rights should be diverting at this time and 
      need to call the River Operator at the above number at least 48 hours prior to any 
      diversion change. Thank you!
      Next River Operations Meeting on Monday, April 6th at 10:30 in the Yakima Field Office. 
      Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) +   

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