Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region
Lewiston Orchards, Idaho Storage and Flow Diagram

WCCI - Webb Creek CanalRSA - Reservoir outflow A near Lewistion Orchards, ID WCBI - Webb Creek bel Diversion WAH - Lake Waha Pump discharge WAFI - Lake Waha Feeder Canal, ID SWCI - Sweetwater Canal near Headworks SWBI - Sweetwater Creek below Diversion nr Waha, Id SWTI - Sweetwater Creek at Mouth at Sweetwater SOL - Soldiers Meadow Reservoir WAH - Lake Waha, ID RSA - Reservoir A Near Lewiston Orchards, ID WBCI - Webb Creek near Sweetwater, ID Diagram of Lewiston Orchards, Idaho  water storage and distribution data


Sweetwater Creek at Mouth
Lake Waha
Webb Creek near Sweetwater, ID
Sweetwater Canal near Headworks
Sweetwater Creek below Diversion
Lake Waha Feeder Canal
Webb Creek below Diversion
WCCI Webb Creek Canal

Average daily streamflows indicated in cubic feet per second.
Reservoir levels current as of midnight on date indicated.
Click on image elements for current-data or multi-year hydrographs.

Lewiston Orchards Project Information