Elwha Basin Hydromet Sites

This page provides information about the kinds of data gathered by Reclamation Hydromet data collection platforms located in the Elwha River basin.
This listing is current as of June 1, 2000.

Report format:
  CBTT name   Brief description
  Location and elevation
  PCODE (parameter code) collected by this station     Brief PCODE description

  GLI     Glines Canyon Dam and Lake Mills
     FB      Forebay Elevation (feet)
     OB      Air Temperature - Deg. F                                
     WD		 Wind Direction (Degrees)
     WS      Wind Speed , Average Hourly (MPH)
     PC      Precip, Cumulative (Inches)
     XAC     A/C Power Indicator
  ELWW    Elwha River at McDonald Bridge nr Port Angeles
     GH      Gage Height (feet)                                   
     Q       Discharge (cfs)                                   
  ELD     Elwha Dam and Lake Aldwell
     FB      Forebay Elevation (feet)