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John W. Keys, III Pump-Generating Plant Dedication Ceremony May 12, 2009

The Bureau of Reclamation hosted a dedication ceremony on May 12, 2009 to rename the Grand Coulee Dam Pump-Generating Plant in honor of former Commissioner John W. Keys, III who was tragically killed in a plane crash May 30, 2008.

Dedication Ceremony Slideshow  
Event Program PDF 476 kb
Pump-Generating Plant Fact Sheet PDF 1.74 mb
Transcript PDF 37 kb
Ken Lane, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Interior, DOI MP3 408 kb
Bob Johnson, Former Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation MP3 1.07 mb
Clip #1 MP3 1 mb
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Clip #3 MP3 1.3 mb
Clip #4 MP3 840 kb
Dick Ericksen, Representing East Columbia Basin Irrigation District, Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District, South Columbia Basin Irrigation District MP3 501 kb
Norm Semanko, Family Farm Alliance Advisory Committee MP3 364 kb
Kameran Onley, Former Assistant Secretary for Water & Science, DOI MP3 294 kb
Dell Keys, Wife of John Keys MP3 643 kb
05/14/2009 John W. Keys, III: A Tribute to Leadership PDF 36 kb
05/09/2009 Grand Coulee Pump-Generating Plant Dedication Ceremony in Honor of John W. Keys, III HTML


Grand Coulee Pump-Generating Plant Renamed in Honor of John W. Keys, III HTML
About the Facilities

The Pump-Generating Plant at Grand Coulee Dam was completed in 1973. It contains 12 pumps that lift water from the Columbia River up the hillside to a canal that flows into Banks Lake, which provides irrigation water to over 670,000 acres in the Columbia Basin Project. Six of the pumps can be reversed to generate hydroelectricity when demand exists.

Grand Coulee Dam is located on the Columbia River in north central Washington. It was completed in 1942 and today serves as a multipurpose facility providing water for irrigation, recreation, fish and wildlife, hydroelectric power production, and flood control.


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