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"Our Stories" Exhibit

Grand Coulee Dam "Our Stories" Exhibit

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The construction of Grand Coulee Dam affected the local landscape, and the people that had lived along the Columbia River for countless generations. What seemed a grand accomplishment to some was considered a destructive intrusion by many tribal members.

The mp3 audio files below contain excerpts from interviews with six members of the Colville Tribe. They are: Lester Herman, Alice Irey, Ambrose Adolph, Wendell George, Deb Louis, and Janette Timantwa.



Sanpoil River MP3 2.88 mb transcript
Kettle Falls MP3 2.04 mb transcript
The Toll MP3 2.23 mb transcript
Special Notice

Packages, boxes, backpacks, purses, and bags may not be taken on the tour due to current security measures. Cameras are allowed. Call (509) 633-9265 for more information.


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