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Federal Columbia River Power System Biological Opinion
Tributary Habitat Program — Upper Columbia River Basin

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Tyee Restoration Project
The Preston Reach in the Entiat River is a key spawning and rearing area for Upper Columbia spring Chinook. Three levees on the Ranch easement were built 30 to 40 years ago to protect from annual flooding during the spring runoff. They prevented the river from spreading through the natural floodplain during high water, disconnected the channels from the mainstem and reduced places for adult salmon to spawn and young salmon to grow.

In 2012, Cascadia Conservation District breached the levees. Large log structures were placed throughout the stream channels, creating environments where insects and other organisms can grow, and providing food and hiding places for young fish. Over 600 pieces of large woody material went into building engineered logjams and log structures in the river and floodplain, providing immediate in-stream habitat benefits. These log structures will catch other logs as they move downstream, helping to create more of the natural habitat complexity that helps salmon to thrive.

In all, this project will reconnect and enhance over 3,000 linear feet of side channel and over 3.5 acres of riparian and wetland floodplain. In addition, over five acres of wetland and upland habitat will be planted with native plants. Fencing will be installed to keep cattle out of the new salmon habitat.
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