Federal Columbia River Power System Biological Opinion
Tributary Habitat Program — Grande Ronde River Basin

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Catherine Creek Tributary Assessment
02/2012 Catherine Creek Tributary Assessment, Grande Ronde River Basin PDF 11.10 mb
  Appendix A: Hydrology PDF 2.93 mb
  Appendix B: Water Quality PDF 1.28 mb
  Appendix C: Fluvial Geomorphology PDF 20.11 mb
  Appendix D: Hydraulics PDF 2.33 mb
  Appendix E: Hydrogeology PDF 1.11 mb
  Appendix F: Biology PDF 1002 kb
  Appendix G: ODFW Fish Habitat Assessment, January 2011 PDF 8.04 mb
  Appendix H: ODWF Annual Report 2010 Identification of Juvenile Spring Chinook Overwinter Rearing and Habitat in Upper Grande Ronde PDF 1.16 mb
  Appendix I: Geographic Information System (GIS) PDF 228 kb


Darrell Dyke
Grande Ronde Subbasin Liaison
(541) 663-0177

Bureau of Reclamation
Pacific Northwest Region
10507 North McAlister Road, Room 4
La Grande, OR 97850

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