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2016 Reference

This Quick Reference table was prepared to quickly help find pertinent full references, excerpts, or supporting documentation prepared by the Federal Action Agencies related to the FCRPS BiOp Expert Panel process. It does not include any context explaining table contents. Refer to the remaining Expert Panel web pages for context.

It is highly recommended that expert panel members are familiar with the documents listed below marked with an asterisk (*). All other documents are supplemental, and can be referred to as needed.

General Topic Full Reference Excerpt from full reference, or supporting document prepared by the Action Agencies
2014 Final Supplemental FCRPS BiOp 2014 Final Supplemental FCRPS BiOp  
2009 AMIP
RPA 35, Table 5*
AMIP Amendments 4 & 5*
Climate Change   Extract from 2010 Supplemental FCRPS BiOp*
USGS Report to Congress: Strengthening the Scientific Understanding of Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Resources of the United States (August 2011)
NOAA Fisheries' Literature Review for 2010 Citations for BIOP: Biological Effects of Climate Change (August 2011)*
Invasive Species   USDA Forest Service: Regional Aquatic Invasive Species Strategy and Management Plan (April 2012)*
Note: see maps near end.
2010 Supplemental FCRPS BiOp 2010 Supplemental FCRPS BiOp  
Latest Scientific Information   Latest Tributary Scientific Information*
Expert Panel Process Comprehensive Analysis, Appendix C Estimating Habitat Quality and Survival Benefits: Remand Habitat Workgroup Approach (Power Point)
Spreadsheet showing method for conversion of habitat functions to habitat quality/survival
General Planning Information   BiOp Expert Panel Briefing (BPA Power Point Oct 2011)*
FCRPS BiOp Tributary Expert Panel Update (Reclamation Power Point October 2011)*
Limiting Factors

Comprehensive Analysis, Appendix C
NOAA Fisheries Table of Standardized Limiting Factor Definitions (October 2011)*
Action Agency Guidance for Evaluating Limiting Factor Habitat Functions for FCRPS Biological Opinion Tributary Habitat Actions*
Project List Development   Guidance for Producing Completed 2009-2012 Project List*
(2009-2012 "Look Back" Project List Assembly)
Guidance for Developing 2013-2018 Project List*
(Guidance for Identifying Tributary Habitat Actions During 2013-2018 Implementation)
Recent Monitoring Reports Columbia Habitat Monitoring Program 2011 Pilot Year Lessons Learned Project Synthesis Report (March 2012)
Monitoring State Restoration of Salmon Habitat in the Columbia Basin, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Contract 12-10 (February 2012)
Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board, Reach Scale Effectiveness Monitoring Program, 2010 Annual Progress Report (March 2011)
Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board, Reach Scale Effectiveness Monitoring Program, 2009 Annual Progress Report (April 2010)
Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board, Reach Scale Effectiveness Monitoring Program, 2008 Annual Progress Report (April 2009)
2010 State of Salmon in Watersheds Report, Snake River Recovery Region, Washington
2010 State of Salmon in Watersheds Report, Upper Columbia River Recovery Region, Washington
Southeast Washington Intensively Monitored Watershed Project in Asotin Creek: Year Two Pretreatment Monitoring Annual Report (February 2010)
Upper Columbia Regional Technical Team, 2010 Analysis Workshop Synthesis Report &Bibliography
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