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AgriMet Weather Station Equipment and Sensors

Equipment Manufacturer
Data Logger Model CR10X Campbell Scientific, Inc.
GOES Transmitter Model TX312 Campbell Scientific, Inc.
Yagi Antenna, Model 5000-0080 Sutron, Inc.
10 Watt Solar Panel Model SX-310M BP Solar, Inc.
75AH AGM Interstate Batteries, Inc.
Station Tripod U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
NEMA Electrical Enclosure Various Manufacturers
Sensors Manufacturer Sensor Height
Pyranometer Model LI-200 Licor, Inc. 3 meters
Wind Monitor Model 05103 RM Young, Inc. 3 meters
Rotronic HygroClip HC2-S3 Air Temp/Rel Humidity Rotronic, Inc. 2 meters
Temperature/RH Radiation Shield Model 41002P RM Young, Inc. 2 meters
Tipping Bucket Precipitation Gage Model TB3 Hydrological Services, Ltd. 2 meters
Load Cell Storage Precipitation Gage Vishay/Tedea-Huntleigh,, Inc. 2 meters
Soil Temperature Thermistor Model 44030 YSI, Inc. 1,2,4,8,20,40 inches
Leaf Wetness Sensor Model 237 Campbell Scientific, Inc. Variable
Barometer Model PTB 101B Vaisala, Inc. 2 meters
Evaporation Pan Novalynx, Inc. 12 inches

Note: Mention of specific products or manufacturers does not constitute endorsement by the Bureau of Reclamation.