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Hungry Horse Dam, Montana

Montana Projects

The Pacific Northwest Region's area of operation in Montana is the upper Columbia River System and includes the Clark Fork, Flathead, and Bitterroot rivers. Reclamation's involvement in Montana began in 1930 with the Bitter Root Project. Since then, four projects have been constructed under the direction of the Pacific Northwest Region. Three of these are operated and maintained by the farmers and water users.

Activities in Montana west of the Continental Divide are administered through the Columbia-Cascades Area Office. Hungry Horse Dam is administered by the Grand Coulee Power Office.
Como Dam, MontanaAlthough Montana has vast water resources in terms of rivers and streams, the average annual precipitation varies from only 13 inches in the east to 18 inches in the west. For this reason Montana farmers have always depended on irrigation for agricultural success.

With the creation of the Reclamation Service in 1902, Montana began to benefit from such irrigation projects as the Lower Yellowstone Project, Milk River Project, and Sun River Project. These efforts brought valuable water and life to Montana's crops.

As the West grew there came a need for multipurpose projects, such as the Hungry Horse Project, that provided hydropower, recreation, and flood control benefits in addition to irrigation. Reclamation also constructed irrigation projects on several Montana Indian Reservations that are managed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Throughout the state's history Reclamation's projects have provided the foundation for the settlement, development, and economic well-being of Montana.
Project Dam Powerplant
Bitter Root Project Como Dam  
Frenchtown Project    
Hungry Horse Project Hungry Horse Dam Hungry Horse Powerplant
Missoula Project    
Dawn Wiedmeier
Area Manager
(509) 575-5848 ext. 202

Columbia-Cascades Area Office
1917 Marsh Road
Yakima, Washington 98901-2058
Coleman Smith
Power Manager
(509) 633-9507

Grand Coulee Power Office

PO Box 620
Grand Coulee, WA 99133-0620
Dennis Philmon
Project Superintendent
(406) 387-5241 ext. 313

Hungry Horse Field Office

PO Box 59919-0130
Hungry Horse, MT 59919-0130
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