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Historic Photos
In the early days of the last century, many Americans came West in search of a better life. Encouraged by the federal government, settlers pushed the frontier further and further west. more>> In the early 1900s, the Western frontier was but a distant memory, although there were still many acres of potential farmland lacking a consistent supply of irrigation water. more>> This 1936 photo shows a Civilian Conservation Corps crew hard at work at Black Canyon Dam on the Payette River. They worked at the dam from 1935 to 1937. more>>

This August 24, 1911 photo shows a two-man crew placing reinforcement into a form used in manufacturing 12-inch concrete pipe. more>>

Approximately 3,000 visitors attended the dedication of Owyhee Dam in eastern Oregon, on July 17, 1932. Many traveled in the 15 passenger-rail cars. more>> This 1916 photo bears the caption: "He holds his job well. Prince was purchased in the spring of 1903 and has worked continuously for Uncle Sam ever since." more>>

Bureau of Reclamation History Program
This site includes a program overview, information on oral history, projects, research assistance, the photo database, and various fact sheets.


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