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Federal Agencies with Jurisdiction by Law or Special Expertise on Environmental Quality Issues

The agencies Reclamation sends environmental impact statements to are listed in the table below, with a synopsis of the kinds of impacts that would determine if the agency needed a copy. For complete explanations of special expertise and to whom statements should be sent, please see Reclamation's NEPA Handbook. In the Attachments, go to CEQ Regulations Implementing NEPA (40 CFR 1500) and Appendices I, II, and III. See page 37 of this file for the Appendixes.

If the EIS project would not fall under an agency's jurisdiction, do not send them a statement.

In most cases, the departmental level office needs a copy ONLY if the EIS is about legislation, regulations, a national program proposal, or major policy issue. Send only to the regional or area offices where noted.

Send EIS to:
Effects on historic districts, buildings, and monuments Always send to regional office
U.S. Forest Service Effects on National forests and grasslands Regional Forester and Area Director.
Natural Resources Conservation Service Water quality in relation to agricultural waste management, erosion and sediment control and stabilization of rural abandoned mines; salinity control; sludge application on cropland for beneficial purposes; watershed protection. DC
Agricultural Research Service Effects on vegetative growth, erosion and sediment control, salinity; effects of ag waste and sludge on cropland; impacts on forest and range management. DC
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service Water quality on ag lands; Water Bank Program; effects of sludge disposal on cropland; federally subsidized agricultural conservation and land use programs. DC
Economic Research Service Analysis of economic impacts of agriculturally related pollution and resource degradations. DC
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, DC Water quality in managing and protecting coastal and marine resources; estuarine and anadromous fish habitat. DC
Army Corps of Engineers Impacts to navigable waters. Permits for discharges of dredged or fill materials into U.S. waters. District Engineer
Office of Policy, Safety, and Environment Effects of energy policies, programs, and projects on adjacent land uses DC


Public health and welfare; air pollution control and abatement technologies; effluent limitations, water treatment works, protection of drinking water supplies. Regional Administrator
Public Health Service: Center for Disease Control Fish and wildlife or other effects on health. DC
  Primarily effects of air pollution on housing values and marketability or sole source aquifers. Regional or Area Office
Water quality in floodplain management. Floodplain management. Dam and levee safety. DC
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Effects of power projects. Only national scope to DC
Fish and Wildlife Service Effects on fish and wildlife or endangered species. DC
Geological Survey Effects on surface and groundwaters. DC
Bureau of Indian Affairs Effects on Indian lands. DC
Bureau of Land Management Effects on public lands. DC
National Park Service Effects on park lands and historic, archeological, and architectural resources. DC
Minerals Management Service Effects on outer continental shelf and coastal waters; mineral mining DC
International Boundary and Water Commission — El Paso, Texas
International water impacts from Rio Grande or Colorado River. El Paso, Texas


Noise or other hazards in the workplace. DC
International impacts of water pollution or fish and wildlife, including migratory birds. DC
Federal Highway Administration Any effects on highways or highway rights-of-way, effects of transportation on land use, vehicle emissions, noise from highways. DC

Always send a copy to Office of Management and Budget (per 1994 request)

Always send to the headquarters office of the following environmental groups:

We have a list of basic addresses for the above agencies to start a distribution list.


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