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Technical Communications Team, Recent Work

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  • The Erosion and Reservoir Sedimentation Manual (pdf)
  • The Restoration of the Salton Sea (pdf)
  • Water Reuse Study for Big Bear, California (pdf)
  • Reclamation's Annual Reports
  • Guidelines for Performing Foundation Investigations for Miscellaneous Structures (pdf)
  • Seepage Chemistry Manual (pdf)
  • An excerpt from the Transformers: Basics, Maintenance, and Diagnostics study (pdf)
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  • The Desalting Handbook for Planners (pdf)
  • Native American Program Database's User Manual (pdf)
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Newsletters, brochures, highlights

  • The Centerline Newsletter (pdf)
  • The Science and Technology Program newletter, The Knowledge Stream
  • What OPSEC Means To You (pdf)
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  • The cover (pdf) and executive summary (pdf) for the Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project
  • River Systems Management Workshop cover (pdf)
  • Cover from the Decision Document for the A.V. Watkins Dam, Emergency Response and Interim Corrective Measures (pdf)
  • The NEPA handbook cover shows a dramatic use of one color (pdf)
  • The State-of-Practice for the Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Dams (pdf)
  • The Bureau of Reclamation: Origins and Growth to 1945 (pdf)
  • Comprehensive Facility Review Tieton Dam (pdf)
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 Maps, charts, and posters

  • Irrigation map (pdf)
  • Reclamation's role (pdf)
  • The Colorado Big Thompson poster (pdf)
  • Climate model performance (pdf)
  • NEPA poster (pdf)
  • The Horsetooth and Wickiup Dams modification poster (pdf)
  • Providing Real-Time SCADA Data (pdf)



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