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Technical Service Center —
Economics, Planning, and Technical Communications Group


Newsletters deliver your message quickly and effectively--and keep your readers updated. Our writers, graphic designers, and editors produce newsletters and news releases both in hardcopy and electronic formats. We can help you prepare news or press releases that will present your messages to the public and to the media in a succinct, coherent manner.

We play a primary role in the coordination, writing, editing, formatting, and distribution of the Denver News and Denver's CenterLine (PDF example) on Reclamation's intranet. The Technical Communications Team often produces newsletters, fact sheets, brochures, and more as part of an overall process (e.g., NEPA compliance, research and resource management plans). We can coordinate with existing teams to quickly produce what you need when you need it.

Illustrators, writers, and editors can coordinate the work on your newsletters and news releases from the planning stage through writing and editing to printing and distribution. This includes communicating with you and other team members to write, review, revise, and edit your text. We can help you integrate material from a variety of disciplines into a cohesive, coherent, and consistent document.

Our staff can also maintain your mailing list and coordinate final distribution.


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