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Technical Service Center —
Economics, Planning, and Technical Communications Group

Manuals, Guidelines, Handbooks, and Policy Documents

The Technical Communications Team offers a variety of services for all types of documents.

Experience and Expertise

Our writers, illustrators, and editors do original writing, graphics, research, and editing for manuals, guidelines, handbooks, and standards such as the Conflict Management Handbook, the Public Involvement Manual, the Social Assessment Manual, Reclamation Safety and Health Standards, and Water Measurement Manual. The Decision Process Guidebook, received the Regional and International Award of Excellence from the Society for Technical Communication. We also write user manuals for software, databases, and SCADA systems. Recent manuals include:

Document Coordination

Our writers, illustrators, and editors can coordinate the work on your manual, guideline, or handbook from the planning stage through printing and distribution. This includes communicating with you and other team members to develop materials and write, review, revise, and edit your text. We design your document to best suit your reader's needs. We can help you integrate material from a variety of disciplines into a cohesive, coherent, and consistent document.

Our staff can also maintain your mailing list and coordinate final distribution.

Desktop Publishing

We provide desktop publishing services and incorporate graphics and photos, making the documents we handle attractive and reader-friendly as well as clear and concise.


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