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Economics, Planning, and Technical Communications Group

Writing and Editing Services

The Technical Communications Team of the Economics, Planning, and Technical Communcations Group includes writers, editors, and editorial assistants. We rely on our professional writing, editing, and document design expertise to help our customers communicate. Our vision is that this group should be consistently recognized as the best source of communications services in the Department of the Interior.

Who are we?

We are a group of communications professionals. Our technical writing and editing expertise is built on a wide variety of experience in water issues, environmental protection, engineering, planning, and public involvement. We have highly polished writing, editing, and organizational skills, as well as a broad knowledge of Reclamation projects and governmental regulations and policy.

What can we do for you?

We can use many different styles and presentations to reach your audience. An easy-to-read style invites your audience to read further and guides them through the text. We help you achieve a logical, well-organized presentation using clear language that prevents confusion and gets your point across. We can integrate material from a variety of disciplines into one cohesive, coherent, and consistent product.

What do we do?

We convert ideas into finished products. We write user-friendly, understandable, polished documents tailored to your audiences. We refine documents to make them clear, concise, and easy to read. We collaborate with you to create effective environmental compliance documents, planning reports, special reports, exhibits, speeches, training materials, web sites, and more.

Why call us?

You are the technical expert:  you have the ideas and know-how to generate, gather, and interpret data in your field. We are the communication experts:  we know how to present your ideas and your data in ways that meet the needs of your audience. You concentrate on what you want to say. We concentrate on how to say it.

When to call us?

The best time to call on us is usually at the outset of your project. Let us advise you on ways to cut costs before any words are put on paper. Your team will benefit more from our input if we understand your team and your product.

Contact Us:

Manager: Randy Christopherson (RChristopherson@usbr.gov), 303-445-2729

Secretary: Jennifer Vaughn (JVaughn@usbr.gov), 303-445-2469

Mailing address: Bureau of Reclamation, Box 25007, 86-68270, Denver, CO 80225-0007
Physical location: Denver Federal Center, West 6th Ave. & Kipling, Denver, CO 80225, Bldg. 67, 5th Floor

Writers and Editors

Name Phone
Deena Larsen 2584
Sharon Leffel 2585
Teri Manross 2587
Pete Martin 2588
Tyna Petersen 2573

Editorial Assistant

Name Phone
Susan Ward 303-445-2690

Visual Information Specialist

Name Phone
Cindy Gray 303-445-2615



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