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Technical Service Center

Waterways and Concrete Dams Group (86-68130)

John Trojanowski, Group Manager, JTrojanowski@usbr.gov, 303-445-3263
Bureau of Reclamation
P.O. Box 25007, 86-68130
Denver, Colorado 80225

Crystal Dam Service Spillway
Crystal Dam Service Spillway, Colorado
     McPhee Dam Service Spillway
McPhee Dam Service Spillway, Colorado

The Waterways and Concrete Dams Group specializes in structural, hydraulic, and quantitative risk analyses, evaluations, and designs of appurtenant hydraulic structures (such as spillways and outlet works) for both concrete and embankment dams. The group is effective in undertaking and completing work ranging from long-term, complex technical activities to small, "quick-turn-around" technical studies. A large portion of the group's work and experience involves safety of dams evaluations.

Specific Capabilities

  • Site suitability for hydraulic structures and concrete dams
  • Location, layout, and design of hydraulic structures and concrete dams
  • Field exploration and monitoring programs for hydraulic structures and concrete dams
  • Loading conditions for hydraulic structures
  • Technical criteria, standards, and guidelines used in hydraulic and structural analyses
  • Technical consulting associated with analyses, designs, and construction support
  • Technical expertise associated with risk assessment, failure mode identification, and performance parameter development
  • Comprehensive and flexible training programs, technology transfer, and project management
  • Project management of major dam studies and design projects

Unique Capabilities

  • Rehabilitation of existing hydraulic structures and concrete dams
  • Breaching of concrete dams
  • Roller compacted concrete (RCC) technology
  • Reservoir routings for single and multiple dams and systems
  • Mitigation of damage caused by cavitation and stagnation pressure
  • Overtopping protection for concrete and embankment dams
  • Evaluation of intake towers subject to seismic loadings
  • Development of diversion systems
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection and evaluation services are available for toe drains, relief wells, outlet works/spillway conduits, pipelines, penstocks, siphons, and gates/valves (See the CCTV brochure). For more information on CCTV, contact Patrick Maier (86-68130) at 303-445-2601.

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