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Membrane Chemistry Research

Presently, reverse osmosis (RO) represents the primary means of desalting. Reclamation's Science and Technology program is currently funding three projects designed to improve membrane performance.


Chlorine Resistant Polyamide Membrane: This work has led to a significant understanding of the chemistry of chlorine degradation of polyamide (PA) thin film composite membranes. The most important finding is that chlorine stability can be achieved within the polymade system.

Improvements to Cellulose Acetate Membranes: Reclamation has successfully modified commercially available cellulose acetate polymers currently used to make membrane elements. These polymers were cast into membranes which demonstrated improved performance characteristics, including salt rejection and flux.

Nanofiltration Membrane Improvements: The purpose of Reclamation's nanofiltration reseach has been to chemically modify the surface of a commercially available NF membrane to improve its hydrophilic properties.