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Water Chemistry Analysis for Water Conveyance, Storage, and Desalination Projects

Understanding the chemical and physical properties of water being conveyed, stored or treated is essential for designing systems or appurtenant equipment. This site presents (1) a spreadsheet tool that can be used to analyze the chemical composition of a water source and (2) an accompanying guidebook describing basic principles of water chemistry that are necessary to make use of the spreadsheet.

The Chemical Analysis Spreadsheet is used for the following:

The results of the spreadsheet can be used to:

  1. Identify whether new or additional water quality analysis should be conducted; and
  2. Determine whether pH adjustment or anti-scalant addition is needed to reduce the likelihood of scaling or corrosion of pipes and equipment.Reclamation water treatment.

Download the Chemical Analysis Spreadsheet (22-kb XLSX file)

Download the Users' Guide for the Chemical Analysis Spreadsheet (280-kb PDF file)