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The Water Desalination Research & Development Program Newsletter - No. 11 - Summer 1998


Kevin Price was recently named Program Manager of Reclamation's Water Desalination Research & Development (DesalR&D) Program. Kevin began his desalting research career by building and operating a pilot plant for one of the last OWRT contracts. Later, he joined Reclamation and has worked here for the past 16 years. He has a MS degree in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University, a MBA in Finance from the University of Denver, and a BS in Zoology from Albertson College of Idaho. Before being appointed to this position, Kevin was responsible for Reclamation's Denver water treatment laboratories, its international desalination research program, and its research work in support of the Yuma Desalting Plant. As our readers know, The DesalR&D program is authorized by the Water Desalination Research and Development Act of 1996. For more information about the program, contact Kevin at 303-445-2260, or visit the DesalR&D web site at: http://www.usbr.gov/pmts/water/research/DWPR/.


The Desalting and Water Treatment Membrane Manual: A Guide to Membranes for Municipal Water Treatment (2nd ed), report #29, is an update of the popular 1991 edition. As in the first edition, MF, UF, NF, RO, and ED are described in a simple, easy to read, format with discussion of the similarities and differences between the membrane processes. Regulations concerning waste disposal have been added. The cleaning section now examines general procedures and philosophy rather than specifics for each manufacturer. The process design section has been simplified and extended to include system design using manufacturer's design software. There are also many new membrane products in the product review section. New membrane configurations and dimensions are evaluated for their effects on overall module performance. The UF and MF product review sections discuss the problems with characterization and comparison of different products. A cost estimation section has been added to help potential users evaluate the cost of alternative design strategies. Future directions in membrane technology are explored as well as the issues and problems that need to be resolved to facilitate intelligent use of membrane separation in the municipal water treatment market.


Various reports are available through the DesalR&D program. These reports delineate the accomplishments of in-house research and awarded contracts. Single copies of the following reports are available at no cost and may be obtained by calling Susan Martella at 303-445-2257:

Report No.
The Desalting and Water Treatment Membrane Manual: A Guide to Membranes for Municipal Water Treatment; Chapman Wilbert, M.; USBR; Denver CO & Boulder City NV; September 1993

National Desalting and Water Treatment Needs Survey; Bessler, M.B.; USBR; Denver CO; May 1993

Nanofiltration of a High Salinity Groundwater on the Hopi Reservation; Odem, W.; Northern Arizona University; Flagstaff AZ; May 1995

Vari-ROTM 'Low Energy' Desalting for the San Diego Region; Childs, W.D.; A.E. Dabiri; Science Applications International Corp.; San Diego CA; June 1995 (a high efficiency pump and energy recovery system)

Clathrate Desalination Plant, Preliminary Research Study; McCormack, R.A.; R.K. Andersen; Thermal Energy Systems, Inc.; San Diego CA; June 1995 (freeze desalination study)

Preliminary Research Study for the Construction of a Pilot Cogeneration Desalination Plant in Southern California; Tadros, S.K.; Supersystems, Inc.; Irvine CA; May 1995 (thermal desalination study)

Lake Havasu City, Water Treatment Study; Boegli, W.J.; R. Jurenka; M. Chapman Wilbert; USBR; Denver CO; April 1995 (NF membrane study for TDS, Fe, and Mn)

Development of an Advanced Transverse Flow Nanofiltration Membrane Process for High Performance Desalination; Zenon Environmental, Inc.; Burlington, Ontario; June 1995

Zeta Potential of Reverse Osmosis Membranes: Implications for Membrane Performance; Elimelech, M.; A.E. Childress; University of California; Los Angeles CA; December 1996 (membrane fouling potential study)

Reduced Energy Consumption Evaporator for Use in Desalting Impaired Waters; Tleimat, B.W.; M.C. Tleimat; Water Reuse Technology; Alamo CA; December 1994 (thermal desalination study)

National Facilities Survey; Furukawa, D.H.; Separation Consultants, Inc.; Poway CA; September 1994

Desalting as an Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment Process; Buros, O.K.; Summary Report of a ADA Seminar held 9/11/94 in Palm Beach FL

Brighton ED Testing with Asahi Monovalent Membranes; Williams, D; D&N Engineering; Lakewood CO; September 1995

Maricopa Ground Water Treatment Study; Jurenka, R.; M. Chapman Wilbert; USBR; Denver CO; February 1996 (RO, NF, & ED study for NO3- removal)

Eastern Municipal Water District RO Treatment/Saline Vegetated Wetlands Pilot Study; Boegli, W.J. (USBR); J.S. Thullen (NBS); USBR; Denver CO; April 1996 (use of wetlands for concentrate disposal)

Membrane Element Autopsy Manual; Leitz, F.; USBR; Denver CO; December 1996 (for spiral wound elements)

Novel Membrane Process with Rapid Backpulsing for Water Treatment; Davis, R.H.; University of Colorado; Boulder CO; November 1996 (method to reduce MF membrane fouling)

Water Reuse Research Needs Assessment Workshop; Martella, S.; USBR; Denver CO; August 1996

Final Report: Reverse Osmosis Membranes Raman and FTIR Molecular Spectroscopic Measurements; Goldberg, M.C.; USGS; Denver CO; temporarily unavailable (membrane degradation studies)

Using Raman Microprobe Spectroscopy to Detect Chemical Changes Accompanying the Degradation of Cellulose Acetate Reverse Osmosis Membranes; Goldberg, M.C.; E.R. Weiner; USGS; Denver CO; temporarily unavailable

Enhancement of Membrane Fouling Resistance through Surface Modification; Chapman Wilbert, M.; USBR; Denver CO; March 1997

Evaluation of the Natural Freeze-Thaw Process for the Desalinization of Groundwater From the Dakota Aquifer to Provide Water for Grand Forks, North Dakota; Boysen, J.E.; B.C. Technologies, Ltd.; Laramie WY; Harju, J.A.; C. Rousseau; J. Solc; D. J. Stepan; Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota; Grand Forks ND; temporarily unavailable

Survey of U.S. Costs and Water Rates for Desalination and Membrane Softening Plants; Leitner & Associates, Inc.; Florida and Connecticut; June 1997

Research Opportunities at the Yuma Water Quality Improvement Center; Buros, O.K.; Summary Report of a Joint Reclamation/ADA Seminar held 1/23/97 in Yuma AZ

Wastewater Reclamation Pilot Study City of McAllen, Texas, WWTP No. 2S; CH2M Hill; Tempe AZ; December 1997 (MF pretreatment for RO)

Removal of Heavy Metals from Water with Microalgal Bioresins; CLF Technologies, Inc.; Denver CO; available soon

Microfiltration with Rapid Backpulsing and Surface-Modified Membranes; Davis, R.H.; University of Colorado; Boulder CO; available soon (method to reduce MF membrane fouling)

The Desalting and Water Treatment Membrane Manual: A Guide to Membranes for Municipal Water Treatment (2nd ed); Chapman Wilbert, M.; F. Leitz; E. Abart; B. Boegli; K. Linton; USBR; Denver CO; June 1998

Vari-ROTM Desalting Pilot Plant Testing and Evaluation, Final Technical Report; Childs, W.D.; Science Applications International Corp.; San Diego CA; May 1998 (a high efficiency pump and energy recovery system)

Build and Operate a Clathrate Desalination Pilot Plant; McCormack, R.A.; Thermal Energy Storage, Inc.; San Diego CA; May 1998 (freeze desalination study)


Water from Water is published by Reclamation's Water Treatment Engineering and Research Group - Susan Martella, Editor. For more information about the DesalR&D program, contact Kevin Price at: Bureau of Reclamation, 86-69000, PO Box 25007, Denver CO 80225; phone (303) 445-2260; or e-mail a message to MPrice@usbr.gov.