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Membrane Process Optimization Technology

PerLorica, Inc; Grass Valley CA.
August 2003

Report #100 - Summary -

This project developed and refined methods for predicting the time to the next required maintenance for membranes systems based on a number of different criteria. A "days to next cleaning" (DTNC) is computed from historical data based on statistically significant changes in key operating parameters which are derived from large numbers of raw and normalized operating values. Operating data from a 3-year period, taken approximately every 10 minutes, for a 1 MGD RO system and a 1 MGD NF system, were used to validate and test the algorithms, which have proven to give useful predictive results. To test and demonstrate the system the methods and algorithms were incorporated into a web-based commercial product called WaterEye® which allowed the results for the test system as well as other systems to be continuously displayed via the web.


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