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Pilot Investigation of Slowsand Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Treatment of Central Arizona Project Water

USBR; Denver CO and Phoenix AZ.
August 2002

Report #90 - Abstract -

Because the August 2000, Reclamation report, Alternatives for Using Central Arizon Project Water in the Northwest Tucson Area (report #36 - still under review by author), identified slowsand filtration (SSF) as the lowest cost water treatment alternative for a proposed 40 MGD water treatment plant, this pilot investigation evaluated the technical effectiveness of SSF treatment of CAP water. Based on low turbidity levels in the SSF treated water, subject to obtaining successful operation during the summer, SSF treatment is recommended. At a filtration rate of 0.11 gal/min/ft2, the SSF treatment cost estimate is $0.16/1,000 gals. For treatment with desalting, based on low fouling of low pressure RO polyamide membrane equipment operating on SSF treated CAP water, either of two treatment combinations are recommended: (1) MF or UF and RO; or (2) SSF and RO.


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