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Microbubble Treatment of Gas Supersaturated Water

ARCADIS G&M, Inc.; Highlands Ranch CO.
USBR; Denver CO.
December 2001

Report #70 - Abstract -

Gas supersaturation is a result of air mixing with water under pressure and is often caused by rocks and riprap in a river or turbulent conditions such as those occuring near waterfalls or dams. Under these conditions, high pressures can be experienced and air can be entrained into the flow. Research and experience has shown that these supersaturated conditions, specifically high levels of dissolved nitrogen, can result in large fish kills caused by gas bubble disease (GBD). These high dissolved gas levels can also cause problems with irrigation pumps and municipal water treatment plants and intake structures. Reclamation has identified and conducted preliminary testing of a novel patented method for treated gas supersaturated water. The treatment is accomplished by introducing microbubbles that act as collection sites to remove the excess nitrogen. This report summarizes the development activities conducted in fiscal year 2000 and the test and evaluation conducted in fiscal year 2001.


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