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Water Treatment Primer for Communities in Need

USBR, Denver CO,
September 2001

Report #68 - Abstract -

Contained in this primer are various water quality contaminant fact sheets and related fact sheets containing supporting information. These primer and fact sheets are resources offered by Reclamation as a means of sharing technical information. The purpose of the contaminant fact sheets is to provide timely and accurate summations of water treatment principles and techniques for various water quality contaminants of concern. The fact sheets are intended as a first source of information for small communities or communities of low economic status which typically do not have the resources to hire water treatment consultants. Cooperation with other federal, state, and local agencies and water treatment entities in solving the water treatment issue of concern is recommended and encouraged. As research reveals new water treatment techniques, the fact sheets will be revised and updated to reflect state of the art methods for water treatment. In 2001, a total plant cost ($/1000 gal) fact sheet was prepared for 9 of the more common best available technology (BAT) treatment techniques.


For more information about the DWPR program, contact Kevin Price at: Bureau of Reclamation, 86-69000, PO Box 25007, Denver CO 80225; phone (303) 445-2260; or e-mail a message to MPrice@usbr.gov.