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Department of the Interior
Motorboat Operator Certification Course

Motorboat on lakeContact Juddson Sechrist, 303-445-2198

Offered upon request.

Who Should Attend:    DOI employees or other State or Federal government personnel who require a formal Motorboat Operators Certification to operate watercraft during the course of their duties.

Description:  This course provides the training required to permit operation of Department of Interior (DOI)-owned watercraft.  It provides a review of minimum requirements for safe operation of motorboats and includes a review of legal requirements, preparations, navigation, operations, emergency procedures, rescue, self-rescue, trailering, fire suppression, and basic seamanship. The course includes classroom, laboratory, and on-the-water instruction. There is an on-the-water practical exam during which the student must demonstrate certain skills to pass as well as a written exam with a passing grade of 70 required.  This is a required DOI training course for those operating watercraft less than 26 feet in length.  Course certification is good for 5 years.

Objectives:  Provide attendees with specific skills and knowledge that will allow them to make an informed decision about their own safety, the safety of any crew member, as well as the safety of the vessel.  Familiarize attendees with state-of-the-art watercraft safety equipment and other gear, through demonstration and actual use.  Allow attendees to demonstrate, through written examination and physical demonstration, that they have an adequate grasp of motorboat handling techniques and knowledge to safely operate a motorboat in a normal work environment.

Tuition: Tuition varies with course location and other circumstances. (For example, tuition was $4,583 per student for sessions conducted in Sacramento early in 2011.)  All non-Department of Interior participants will be required to provide payment in advance to maintain a space in the course.  Contact Dianne Parson at 303-445-2302 for payment instructions. 

Registration:  This course is provided on an as-requested basis only.  Due to the nature of the training, class size is limited to three participants.  Should the session you wish to attend already be filled, we will maintain a list of potential students and contact you regarding future training dates.  All attendees will be required to sign a liability waiver form. 

Questions regarding course content and upcoming sessions should be directed to Juddson Sechrist at 303-445-2198 or JSechrist@usbr.gov.


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