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Water Quality Data Downloads from the Tracy Fish Collection Facility (TFCF), Byron, California

The following links will allow you to download water quality and additional supplemental data associated with fishery research investigations conducted at the Tracy Fish Collection Facility. All water quality samples and analyses from Reclamation programs were performed using standard QA procedures and checks documented in several Tracy Reports (Volume 9, Volume 17, Volume 22, and Volume 26). Contact Kathy Fenton if you have more specific data and format or quality documentation requirements.

TFCF Multiprobe Data: The calibrated multiprobe program has been active at the TFCF since April 1, 2000, and measures water temperature (T), pH, redox potential (Eh or ORP), dissolved oxygen (DO), electrical conductivity (EC), and turbidity at 30-minute intervals. The probe is installed in the intake channel of the TFCF behind the trash rack. The multiprobe is cleaned and calibrated every 2 weeks, and data are checked monthly and validated annually. We started out using a Hydrolab Datasonde and now uses YSI multiprobes. These data are available for download as summary tables and graphs, Excel 2002 spreadsheet files, in a very latge Access 2002 data base file, and as ASCII comma delimited files.

Composite and Discrete Water Samples for Metals and Organics: These quality-validated data are presented in tables or Excel 2002 spreadsheet files for several discrete sampling events and composite sampling programs conducted at or near the TFCF . They include data for inorganic water quality constituents (major ions, nutrients, trace metals), and organic compounds (herbicides and pesticides).

Agricultural Chemicals Summary Tables: These data tables or Excel 2002 spreadsheets summarize 1997 agricultural chemical applications on land near the TFCF, along with the fish and mammal toxicity data used to calculate toxicity ranking scores for these chemicals. These data were obtained from the San Joaquin County Office of the Agricultural Commissioner and were originally summarized in the Tracy Volume 9 report..

Supplemental Data: Click here to download daily background data tables that help explain our other water quality data. These supplemental data include local tides and river stage, precipitation, local hydrology and pumping rates for the Tracy Pumpiing Plant, photoperiod and moon phase, and TFCF fish salvage data. . These data are included in the multiprobe Access 2002 data base file (caution! very large file!), but can also be dowloaded as individual Excel 2002 or HTML files.


Modified on January 17, 2012