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Supplemental Data for Evaluating Water Quality at the Tracy Fish Collection Facility (TFCF), Byron, California

The following links will allow you to download supplemental data associated with water quality data from the Tracy Fish Collection Facility. These data were obtained from various outside agency sources and are presented as is, and are available for download as summary HTML tables, in an Excel 2002 workbook file, or in a very large Access 2002 data base file (40 Mbytes). Contact Kathy Fenton if you have more specific data requests, and format or quality documentation requirements.

Currently Available Period of Record: April 1, 2000 through February 15, 2007

Surface Water Hydrology Data: These daily data include USGS streamflow data from the gage in the San Joaquin River near Vernalis, California (Station 11303500), and pumping data for the Tracy Pumping Plant (TPP). Both variables are presented in average cubic feet per second (cfs) per day. More recent USGS data should be considered provisional and subject to revision. TPP pumping data stop at December 31, 2006.

Temporary Barrier and Delta Cross Channel Status : These daily data provide information regarding several of the Delta temporary channel barriers seasonally installed near the TFCF, and whether the Delta Cross Channel Gates are open or closed.

Photoperiod and Sun and Moon Data: These daily data include sunrise, sunset, length of day, moonrise, moonset, moon phase, and quarter.

Tides Near the TFCF: These data provide daily low and high tides, times, and heights relative to mean sea level (MSL). More detailed tide data can be provided on request.

Weather at the Tracy Facility: Click here to download daily air temperatures and precipitation data collected by the National Weather Service at station 49001 at the TPP.

Fish Salvaged at the TFCF: Slow Download! Click here to download daily fish salvage calculations for the TFCF. These data are based on 10-minute counts performed at the TFCF, and only cover the period of April 1, 2000 to December 31, 2006. Data are summarized by species. Here's a faster comma delimited text file with the salvage data: Download CSV

Multiprobe Data + Supplemental Data - Access 2002 (40 Mb)
Excel 2002 Workbook - All Supplemental Data Tables


Modified on January 17, 2012