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Our Advisory and Oversight Group
TTAT - the Tracy Technical Advisory Team

Chaired by Ron Silva, the TTAT is an important peer review and coordination component for the Tracy Fish Facility Improvement Program (TFFIP). Its experienced members represent a variety of California, local, and Federal resource management agencies active in the South Delta region of the Central Valley. TTAT experts from several different engineering and environmental science disciplines are involved in technical and program guidance and consultation to prevent duplication of effort and encourage cooperation with field studies and sharing of research data.

The TTAT includes staff from Reclamation’s Mid-Pacific Regional, Area, and Project Offices; Reclamation researchers from the Denver Technical Service Center; State of California resources agencies (Department of Fish and Game, Department of Water Resources), Federal agencies (National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service); interagency groups such as the Bay-Delta Authority (CALFED), and the Interagency Ecological Program (IEP); water user groups such as the San Luis-Delta Mendota Water Authority (SLDMWA); along with Universities funded through cooperative agreements; and, independent engineering and natural resources management consultants.

Member Name Email Organization
Brent Bridges bbridges@usbr.gov Reclamation TFCF, Tracy, California
Rick Christensen rchristensen@usbr.gov Reclamation TSC, Mechanical Equipment Group, Denver, Colorado
Kevin Clark kclark@water.ca.gov California Department of Water Resources, Sacramento, California
Connie DeMoyer Svoboda csvoboda@usbr.gov Reclamation TSC, Water Resources Research Laboratory, Denver, Colorado
Dan Meier Dan_Meier@fws.gov U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Stockton, California
Carl Dealy jcdealy@usbr.gov Reclamation Mid-Pacific Regional Office, Sacramento, California
Bob Fujimura bfujimur@delta.dfg.ca.gov California Department of Fish and Game, Stockton, California
Gonzalo Castillo gonzalo_castillo@fws.gov U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Stockton, California
Mark Holderman markho@water.ca.gov California Department of Water Resources, Sacramento, California
Joel Imai jimai@usbr.gov Reclamation TFCF, Tracy, California
Catherine Karp ckarp@usbr.gov Reclamation TSC, Fisheries and Wildlife Resources Group, Denver, Colorado
Victor Pacheco vpacheco@water.ca.gov California Department of Water Resources, Sacramento, California
Steve Larsen steve.larsen@sldmwa.org San Luis and Delta Mendota Water Authority, Byron, California
Dr. Charles Liston crlist@aol.com Consulting Aquatic Biologist, Bedford, Kentucky
Brent Mefford bmefford@usbr.gov Reclamation TSC, Water Resources Research Laboratory, Denver, Colorado
Jerry Morinaka jmorinak@delta.dfg.ca.gov California Department of Fish and Game, Stockton, California
Dan B. Odenweller DanOdenweller@compuserve.com Consulting Fishery Biologist, Stockton, California
Ryan Olah Ryan_Olah@fws.gov U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sacramento, California
Bruce Oppenheim Bruce.Oppenheim@noaa.gov NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Sacramento, California
Dr. Ron Ott ronott@water.ca.gov California Bay-Delta Authority, Sacramento, California
Roger Padilla padilla@water.ca.gov California Department of Water Resources, Sacramento, California
Donald Portz dportz@usbr.gov Reclamation TSC, Fisheries and Wildlife Resources Group, Denver, Colorado
Rene Reyes rreyes@usbr.gov Reclamation TFCF, Tracy, California
Ron Silva rsilva@usbr.gov Reclamation TFCF, Tracy, California
Zachary Sutphin zautphin@usbr.gov Reclamation TSC, Fisheries and Wildlife Resources Group, Denver, Colorado
Rick Wantuck Richard.Wantuck@noaa.gov NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Santa Rosa, California
Brandon Wu bwu@usbr.gov Reclamation TFCF, Tracy, California

Tracy Research Links

The research and development work underway to improve fish salvage at the Tracy Fish Collection Facility (TFCF) depends on consultation and cooperation with many different federal and state agencies that are active in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. This cooperation is essential to help us plan scientifically sound studies at the Tracy facility and to prevent waste from redundant investigations. We are endebted to colleagues and administrators in our cooperating agencies who either directly provide technical advice and guidance, or assist by sharing data and information. We hope the following links will be helpful.

Federal Organization Links
California and Delta Organization Links
Reclamation Links
Informative Website Links
Technical and Fishery Equipment Links

Federal Agency Links

USGS - Geological Survey Streamflow and Water Quality Data  
NOAA - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration NMFS - NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service NOAA National Climate Data Center
EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency EPA - Surf Your Watershed Water Quality Data EPA - Clean Water Act
EPA Region 8 Denver, Colorado  
FWS - US Fish and Wildlife Service FWS - Endangered Species Program FWS - Fisheries and Habitat Conservation
COE - US Army Corps of Engineers
COE Sacramento District COE San Francisco District

California and Delta Links

IEP - Interagency Ecological Program Temporary Delta Barrier Schedules IEP Data Vaults Water Quality Archive
DWR - Department of Water Resources DWR Bay Delta Office DWR South Delta Improvement Program
DFG - Department of Fish and Game DFG Central Valley Bay-Delta Branch South Delta Fish Salvage Data
  State Water Project  
SFEI - San Francisco Estuary Institute SFEI Regional Monitoring Program San Francisco Estuary Project
San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority
  State Water Resources Control Board

Department of the Interior - Bureau of Reclamation Links

Reclamation Fisheries and Wildlife Resources Group,
Reclamation Technical Service Center, Denver, Colorado Reclamation Hydraulic Investigations and Laboratory Services Group, Denver, Colorado
Mid-Pacific Region, Sacramento
CVPIA - Central Valley Project Improvement Act
Red Bluff Diversion Dam Projects & Facilities - Information about Reclamation Dams and Water Projects

Informative Website Links

American Fisheries Society Ecology.com - General Ecology Information
Tide and Currents Calculations University of South Carolina   Smithsonian Natural History Museum - Division of Fish
Oceans Alive University of California Davis, Graduate Group in Ecology Colorado State University, Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Glossary of Environmental Science Terms Useful Unit Conversion Factors Wikipedia

Technical and Fisheries Equipment Links

Sonotronics Ultrasonic Tracking Lotek Radio Telemetry ATS - Advanced Telemetry Systems
YSI Water Quality Probes Hach-Hydrolab Water Quality Probes In-Situ Water Quality Probes
Smith-Root Electrofishing Gear Samus Electrofishing Gear Rickly Hydrological Company Field Gear
Ben Meadows - Field Gear Wildco - Field Gear Forestry Suppliers - Field Gear
Soundmetrics - DIDSON Cameras Vision Research - High Speed Cameras Biosonics - Hydroacoustics Gear
Vaki - Fish Counting and Tracking SonarData - Hydroacoustics Software

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