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TSC Resources for Power System Operations and Maintenance

Hydropower Technical Services Group (86-68450) provides Reclamation's hydroelectric power facilities with a centralized location for technical expertise in diagnostics, troubleshooting, O&M, hydroelectric powerplant control, automation, and incident investigations. We offer a power operations and maintenance program, which includes training as well as:

  bullet Powerformer bullet Power apparatus and power system staged fault and equipment testing
  bullet Power O&M Conference administration bullet Data acquisition systems for condition monitoring and power system analysis
  bullet Testing, power system and apparatus bullet Powerplant feedback control system testing and technical assistance
  bullet Design and planning support for power and water facility automation systems bullet Powerplant automation system replacement and upgrade planning (life cycle mgmt)
  bullet Electrical maintenance and assistance bullet Power Equipment Bulletins
  bullet Power incident investigation and root cause analysis bullet Training in specialized operation and maintenance



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