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TSC Project Planning Resources

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  • Financial feasibility
  • Economic justification
  • Economic impacts
  • Multi-disciplinary team management
  • Scoping for environmental compliance
  • Plan formulation
  • Decision Process facilitation
  • Interpretive planning
  • Outdoor recreation planning
  • Resource management planning
  • Commercial services planning

Economics and Resource Planning Team (86-68212)

  • Estimates
  • Specifications
  • Group Objectives and Logistics (GOAL)
  • Project Alternative Solution Study (PASS)
  • Construction management
  • Project scheduling
  • Claims analysis
  • Project management//earned value

Estimating, Specifications, and Construction Management (86-68170)

Client Support and Technical Presentations Office (86-68011)

  • Water quality and land resource analysis for EISs
  • Developing specifications for planning irrigation projects
  • Conducting soil/water/plant compatibility investigations

Land Suitability and Water Quality Studies (86-68570)

  • Analyses of the water supply system capability and reliability to meet changing and growing water demands
  • Studies of improved water supply utilization involving river/reservoir improved water operations, conjunctive use of surface and ground water sources, water banking, water transfers, new/expanded water storage and conveyance, improved water use
  • River/reservoir computer simulated water operations and water regulation
  • Water management planning and assistance in development of water conservation plans
  • Analyzing impacts to third-parties and the environment in potential water resource development and water management projects

Water Resources Planning and Operations Support Group (86-68210)

  • Geologic/geotechnical interpretations for planning, design, and specifications

Engineering Geology Group (86-68320)

  • Mechanical overhaul planning
  • Powerplant feedback control system testing and technical assistance
  • Design and planning support for power and water facility automation systems
  • Powerplant automation system replacement and upgrade planning (life cycle mgmt)

Hydropower Technical Services Group (86-68440)

  • Recovery implementation plans
  • Advanced Decision Support Systems (ADSS)
  • Integrated river systems management and reservior operations
  • Flood control operations

Water Resources Planning and Operations Support (86-68210)

  • Extreme precipitation studies
  • Extreme flood event studies

Flood Hydrology and Consequences Group (86-68250)

  • Emergency action plans
  • Emergency exercises
  • Early warning system planning
Emergency Management and GIS Group (86-68260)
  • Dam break and flood inundation studies and maps for emergency planning
  • Sediment management studies and solutions for degradation, aggradation, and channel migration
  • Riparian and aquatic habitat studies
  • River hydraulic studies

Sedimentation and River Hydraulics Group (86-68240)

  • Structural designs for pipelines, tunnels, canals, pumping plants, and other water transmission facilities
  • Bridge and roadway design
  • Site selection for facilities

Water Conveyance Group (86-68140)


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