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TSC Resources for Water Resources Engineering

The Water Conveyance Group (86-68140) can help you with:

  • Canals
  • Concrete pipe design
  • Pumps and pump-turbines
  • Tanks such as air chambers and steel surge tanks
  • Gates (e.g., large custom-designed radial gates,; bulkhead gates,; jet flow gates, clamshell gates, high-pressure gates)
  • Site selection for hydraulic structures
  • Tunnels
  • Water hammer analysis
  • Steel penstocks
  • Hydraulic structure designs and modifications for water conveyance
  • Valves (e.g., sleeve valves and their operators, commercial slide, hollow jet, and butterfly valves)
  • Hydroelectric turbines and turbine governors

Mechanical Equipment Group (86-68410) can help with designing fish and moss screens and fish handling equipment to ensure effective water deliveries.

Water Resources Planning and Operations Support Group (86-68210)specializes in providing water resource engineering and hydrology technical services related to the development and management of surface and ground water supplies. Our experts can help you with:

  • Water supply availability and reliability studies and system yield estimates
  • River/reservoir simulated water operation studies and ground water flow analyses
  • Analyses of historical water use and projections of future water demand
  • Watershed hydrology including reconstructed flow and statistical analysis
  • Special studies of legal water allocation and estimates of water savings and salvage
  • Water resources planning and management studies including structural and non-structural options for improving water utilization efficiency
  • Water conservation plan development to improve water delivery and reduce water loss
  • Develop, enhance, and apply advanced technologies in water resource investigations
  • Water diversion requirements and studies of water allocation and facility capacity

Flood Hydrology and Consequences Group (86-68250) specializes in technical investigations, designs, reviews, and related work in flood hydrology and hydrometeorology. The group provides meteorological expertise, to help develop solutions for reservoir and flood control operations, evaluation and maintenance of aquatic habitat, hydroelectric power operations, storage allocation, water delivery and irrigation, water conservation, and river system optimization.Representative services include:

  • Extreme precipitation and flood event studies up to the probable maximum flood
  • Precipitation estimates, streamflow forecasting,
  • Hydrologic input for risk assessments of dams
  • Inflow design hydrographs and cross-drainage analyses
  • Flood frequency and statistical hydrological analyses
  • Statistical analysis
  • Drought index development and application
  • Hydrometeorology and hydrology research
  • Other activities associated with flood hydrology

Sedimentation and River Hydraulics Group (86-68240) can help with:

  • Hydraulic and Sediment Modeling of Rivers and Reservoirs (1D, 2D, and 3D)
  • Flood inundation studies
  • Sedimentation studies
  • Stream restoration for fish and wildlife habitat

Hydraulic Investigations and Laboratory Services (86-68560) applies hydraulic modeling, analysis, and field testing expertise to solve water resources, hydraulics, and fluid mechanics problems. To provide new water resource management tools for Reclamation projects, we solve site-specific problems and pursues applied research in:

  • Water conservation
  • Environmental hydraulics
  • Hydraulic structures and equipment
  • Dam safety


Please contact a client liaison (303) 445-2561 to help you get the most efficient services for your needs.